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What is My Mojo Health App

The MyMojoHealth app provides you with a digital dashboard of key health markers. You can instantly upload your glucose and ketone readings from your Keto-Mojo meter and automatically calculate your GKI (Glucose Ketone index). Sync your nutritional macros (fat, protein, and carbohydrates) from our MyMojoMacros calculator, for a well-rounded snapshot of your health.

Use it to monitor your health and metabolic status and understand what adjustments you can make to your diet and lifestyle to achieve your health and weight goals.

Knowledge is power, and you’ll get both with the MyMojoHealth app!

A personalized dashboard of key health markers
  • A personalized dashboard with tiles showing a variety of health data-points including: ketones, glucose, GKI, macro nutrients, BMI, body weight, & target weight goal
  • Data to help you understand how to adjust your diet to achieve your weight-management goals
  • Day/Night modes for easy reading
  • Graphing options over various time periods
  • Ability to download your readings to a CSV file and share it with your health professional.
  • HIPAA compliant, highly secure health cloud

How to Connect

With The Keto-Mojo Bluetooth Meter


  1. With your meter OFF, press up and hold the button on the right side of the meter for three seconds. A flashing blue light will appear in the logo on the front of the meter.
  2. On your mobile device, turn on Bluetooth, open the Keto-Mojo app on your phone, and press the sync button in the lower left corner on your mobile device.
  3. On the next screen, press the blue sync button to begin.
  4. Once complete, press the green checkmark to upload your data to your dashboard.
With The Keto-Mojo Bluetooth Connector

SHOP BLUETOOTH CONNECTOR (**Only needed with the non-integrated meter/TD-4279 will show on face of meter)

  1. Remove the cap from the Bluetooth Connector and insert the Connector into the strip port on the meter with the indicator light facing upwards.
  2. On your mobile device, turn Bluetooth “ON.” The Bluetooth indicator light on the connector will flash blue and “PC” will appear on the meter display, indicating that the meter is ready to sync.
  3. Open the app on your phone and press the sync button in the lower left corner. The flashing Bluetooth light will then turn to solid blue, indicating that the Bluetooth connection is established with your device.
  4. Press the blue sync button to begin.
  5. Once complete, press the green checkmark to upload your data to your dashboard.


Log in issues: Please log into your account on the Keto-Mojo website. Once logged into your account use this link to connect with our MyMojoMacros:

Our MyMojoMacros, is linked to the secure HIPPA compliant cloud. (think of it as another entrance)

Please fill out all of your personal information into the macro calculator and save to your account. You should be able to see your personal macro information on your account. Return to the app on your phone and log in using your email and password. If you still have issues logging in please contact our customer support.


How do I see consecutive readings?

To see consecutive readings on the KetoMojoHealth app, you simply swipe left or right on the grid that contains the readings you are wanting to view. The amount of readings you may swipe to view is in correlation to the duration that is selected on the flip side of the grid (you flip the tile by hitting one of the arrows on the bottom left or right side of the tile). You can choose one week, one month, or lifetime.

How do I change my weight and weight goals?

You change your weight, BMI, and weight goal in the MyMojoMacros calculator. You may get to that through the link on the Macro Calculator on the app as well.

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