What is the E-2 error and how do I fix it?

Updated 1 month ago by Michelle Pool

We have had a lot of E-2 errors and have been able to fix them 99% of the time with the following steps.

E-2 errors are generally caused by the year not being correct on the meter and in such it thinks the strips have expired.

  • Open up rear back cover and press the orange setting button just once.
  • Look at the front of the meter to see the year displayed and flashing. Use the front button to advance the year, you can advance it all the way to 2050 and it will revolve back to 2005. Keep pressing until you get to the desired year.
  • Continue to follow the setup procedure with the standard settings. This quick video will show you how. 
  • Insert code chip card that was in the box with your ketone strips, CH will show for a few seconds, (CH means CHecking) wait until the code is displayed on the screen and that it matches the code on your vial of ketone strips. 

  • Take a fresh ketone strip unused with no blood on it, place it in the meter, it will show CH for Checking and then will display the same code that is on the side of the vial. (This last step tells us that your meter is all setup and recognizing the strip correctly and is now ready for use)
  • Its now time for a test with a blood sample, here is a link on how to do that using the lancet device. 

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