About Heads Up Health

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Heads Up Health is a leader in personal-health analytics where you can store all of your medical history and day-to-day health tracking in one place. Powerful charts, graphs and reports help you track and personalize your diet and lifestyle.

We’ve partnered with Heads Up Health so you can seamlessly upload your glucose and ketone readings from the Keto-Mojo app to your Heads Up Health profile. Uploading your glucose and ketone readings to Heads Up Health will instantly calculate your glucose-ketone index (GKI), an increasingly important measure for therapeutic ketosis.

When you purchase the Keto-Mojo Bluetooth connector, you'll get 50% off a monthly or annual subscription to Heads up Health (for a limited time only). That's a savings of $4.50 per month or $54 a year on a monthly subscription, and a savings of $39.50 on an annual subscription.

More About This Offer

  • Valid for the first year of service
  • Applies to new Heads Up Health users only
  • Offer expires 12/31/18

Go to Heads up Health to start your free 30-day Heads Up Health trial (no credit card needed). At any time during your trial, you can upgrade to a monthly or annual subscription and apply your discount code, which will be emailed to you after your purchase of the Bluetooth connector.

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