Android: My Keto-Mojo Meter won't sync

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The Keto-Mojo Classic Android app

Downloaded the Keto-Mojo Classic app here. Depending on your Android device and operating system version you may experience issues. Please review the following troubleshooting steps and contact Keto-Mojo support if necessary.

Ensure you are running the latest version of the Keto-Mojo Classic app:

Please download the latest version of the app from the Google Play store here before contacting support

Ensure you are running Android version 6.0 or higher:

Ensure the Keto-Mojo app has the 'Location' permission enabled

The Keto-Mojo app needs this permission enabled in order to access Bluetooth on your device. Please verify the app has this permission:

Why does Keto-Mojo need my Location enabled?

Keto-Mojo does not track customer location in any way. By turning Locations Setting On, you inform the app that the meter is nearby and the app can communicate with the meter. Keto-Mojo cannot determine the geo-location of that meter or the phone.

Why are you required to turn Location Services ON?

When Bluetooth is ON, it is actually technically possible for a third party to track someone's location. Therefore, Google determined that by having the user turn Location Setting ON, or opting in, the user would be fully aware and knowledgeable of the potential of a third party ability to identify their Bluetooth signal. This has been mandated to all app developers using Bluetooth.To reiterate, we are not able to track your location.

Force-quit the Keto-Mojo app

Delete and re-install

During the beta program we will be publishing new releases regularly. It may be necessary to delete the app completely, download the latest build and re-sync your device.

For any other issues please contact the beta support team here.

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