What do I do if I've lost the code key for my Keto-Mojo ketone test strips?

Updated 6 months ago by Erika

When you receive your meter kit, you'll find a code chip for your ketone test strips in the inside pocket of your accessory bag (not in the ketone strip vial). With each new box of strips (not a kit), the code chip will be in the box, not in the vial, usually under the vial, sometimes caught inside the instructions.

Be sure to check your box of strips thoroughly for your code chip when you receive it. Once you find the code chip, use it to sync your meter to your new vial of ketone strips. If you've throw away the code chip and it's truly lost, you will not be able to use the strips, as each batch of strips has a unique code chip and we don't have extras.

If you do not find the code chip in your box, please contact us the lot reference code on the side of the ketone strip vial at groove@keto-mojo.com.

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