Keto-Mojo strips in other meters? Can I use generic strips in my Keto-Mojo.

Updated 7 months ago by Erika

To ensure the accuracy of your results, you must use only a Keto-Mojo meter with your strips and vice versa. There is no way we can guarantee accuracy if you are not using Keto-Mojo strips or a Keto-Mojo meter. Fortunately, Keto-Mojo strips are competitively priced so there's no reason to use another brand of strip or meter.  

Additionally, many glucose meters on the market can be off on their measurements by nearly 20% and still be FDA approved! Because we use the 2+2 Bio signal and measure blood glucose and hematocrit and then cross match those numbers, we are able to increase our accuracy to exceed FDA standards.

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