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Control Solution Information 

Because all of our meters are calibrated to a control before they leave the factory, we do not include control solutions in our Keto-Mojo kits. 

Control solutions are a way to test your meter so you know that it is giving you accurate results. However, it's very rare to need a control solution for a Keto-Mojo meter, as our meters seldom fall out of calibration. That said, we include information about control solutions in our manual so you will know you have a way to benchmark if you feel your meter is not working properly. Our control solutions contain a known amount of β-Ketone or Glucose that can react with Keto-Mojo test strips. 

You can purchase control solutions on our website, right here

Am I missing Control Solution from my Keto-Mojo kit?

No, you're not missing control solutions from your Keto-Mojo kit. 

Although the Keto-Mojo manual suggests testing with control solutions, this is not necessary because all Keto-Mojo meters are calibrated for control before they leave the factory. You don't have to worry about the Keto-Mojo's accuracy once you receive it.  If you suspect your meter is giving you inaccurate readings outside the accepted variance (click for details on glucose or ketones), please contact Customer Service and we will help you get to the bottom of the problem. 

When Should the Control Solution Test be Performed?

  • if you suspect the meter or test strips are not working properly,
  • if your test results are not consistent with how you feel, or if you think the results are not accurate,
  •  to practice the testing process, or
  • if you have dropped or think you may have damaged the meter. 
How to Use the Control Solution
  1. Make sure you have your meter. an unused test strip, and the Control Solution
  2.  Insert the test strip to turn on your meter.  Wait for the meter to display the test strip symbol and the blood droplet.
  3. Shake the control solution vial thoroughly. Squeeze out the first drop and wipe it off, then squeeze out another drop and place it on the tip of the vial cap. With the strip in the meter, gently move the absorbent tip of the test strip to touch the drop. Once the strip's confirmation window fills completely, the meter will begin counting down.
    NOTICE: • Your device will tag this measurement as QC test automatically. • To avoid contaminating the control solution, do not apply control solution directly from the bottle onto a strip.
  4. Read and compare the result. After counting down to 0, the control solution test result will appear on the display. Compare this result with the range printed on the side of your strip vial;  if your meter is working properly, the results should fall within this range. If the results do not fall within range, please read the instructions again and repeat the control solution test. With “QC” displayed, the meter will store your test result in memory under “QC.”

Note: Each bottle of control solution has a code written on the bottle.  Ketones;  L1 or L2.   Glucose W2 or B3.  You will find the range on your strips under control solution range

Please refer to the Owner's Manual that came with your meter or download it here for complete testing instructions.

Expiration Date:

12- 18 Months when sealed. The expiration date is printed on the vial of the control solution.

90 days from when the control has been opened.

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