Updated 8 months ago by Michelle Pool

We use the Hematocrit (HCT) number and run that through an algorithm with the Blood Glucose (BG) so we can get a tighter accuracy on the Blood Glucose. By using the additional calculation we can achieve an industry leading accuracy standard of deviation of only 5mg/dl under 100mg/dl or 5%. The FDA standard is that you can be out by 20% and still be approved, this is what you find with many other meterers

However there is a trade off here, we have found that the HCT fluctuates and moves around alot depending on many factors which causes confusion for some. In hindsight when my engineers said they could put it on the display I should have said no.

The meters primary focus and its FDA clearance for accuracy is for Ketones and Glucose, the H & H is for calculation purposes and should not be used as a diagnostic tool. In the next generation meter I will bury those numbers.

Here is a link to some more detailed information on what HCT and Hb mean.


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