What does a "Lo" Keto-Mojo meter reading mean?

Updated 3 weeks ago by Michelle Pool

Keto-Mojo meters accurately read ketones down to 0.1.  Below that, the meter will show a reading of "Lo,"  meaning your ketone levels are too low for the meter to detect.

If you're getting a Lo reading and would like to get a higher one, review the types of carbohydrates you're  consuming, adjust your carbohydrate consumption, and test again to see if that positively affects your meter reading.

Another reason you might get a Lo reading is if you have not calibrated your meter with the code chip that comes with each pack of ketone strips. Learn how to calibrate your meter: Coding you keto-mojo Blood Ketone strips to your meter

A "Lo" reading can also happen when the blood sample size is small. Learn more here.

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