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Preparing the Lancing Device

For fingertip sampling, adjust the depth penetration to reduce the discomfort. You do not need the clear cap for fingertip sampling.

  1. Unscrew the lancing device cover from the body of the lancing device. Insert a sterile lancet into the Lancing Device and push it in until the lancet comes to a complete stop in the lancing device.
  2. Hold the lancet firmly in the lancing device and twist the safety tab of the lancet until it loosens, then pull the safety tab off the lancet. Save the safety tab for disposing of the previously used lancet.
  3. Carefully screw the cover back onto the lancing device. Avoiding contact with the exposed needle. Make sure the cover is fully sealed on the lancing device. 
  4. Adjust the puncture depth by rotating the lancing device cover. There are several different puncture depth settings. To reduce the discomfort, use the lowest setting that still produces an adequate drop of blood.


  • 1 for delicate skin
  • 2 and 3 for normal skin
  • 4 and 5 for calloused or thick skin

Note: Greater pressure of the lancing device against the puncture site will also increase the puncture depth.

  1. Pull the cocking barrel back to set the lancing device. You may hear a click to indicate the lancing device is now loaded and ready for obtaining a drop of blood.
  2. Press the lancing device against the side of the finger to be lanced with the cover resting on the finger. Push the release button to prick your fingertip. You should hear a click as the lancing device activates.

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