Accuracy Multiple testing - Glucose

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When you are taking multiple tests in a short amount of time you will find a variance many times.

Let us explain why. If your actual at the moment of testing was, for example, 103 Then + or - 10 Mg/dl would give you a range of 93 to 113. If the readings have been taken from different fingers then there is always change in the fluids between regions. In addition its important to wash hands and have a clean area not only in regards to skin hygiene sebum can have an effect as can skin contaminates (alcohol swabs help and waiting for alcohol to dry) also blood glucose changes rapidly and there are five minuets between these tests.However all the above we think our meter has given excellent results given the conditions. (please note FDA allow a 20% variance) in such our meter has out performed not only Federal Standards but also the more modern ISO:15197 standard for Europe.

All of this from 1 micro liter, that is 1/5th of a drop. Thats quite amazing for a home test.

So you can better understand home glucose tests here are couple well respected peer reviewed articles: Factors Affecting Blood Glucose Monitoring: Sources of Errors in MeasurementBarry H. Ginsberg, M.D., Ph.D. Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose Impact of a Time Delay Between Capillary Blood Sampling and Glucose Measurement Guido Freckmann, MD, Stefan Pleus, MS, Annette Baumstark, PhD, Christina Schmid, PhD, Manuela Link, ME, and Cornelia Haug, MDI

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