Accuracy of Glucose Testing and Multiple Testing with the Keto-Mojo Meter

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When you take multiple glucose tests in a short amount of time, the test results often vary.

Here's why: If your actual glucose level at the time of testing your glucose levels is 103, for example, then the meter will give you a reading range that's up to plus or minus 10 Mg/dl (in the case of a 103 glucose level, the range would be 93 to 113).

Also, if the readings are taken from different fingers, the change in the fluids between the finger regions fluctuate, which can also result in varying test results.

Additinally, it's important to wash your hands and have a clean area because skin contaminates can affect the results.

Finally, blood glucose changes rapidly, so if you test a few minutes apart, you can get different results.

Regardless, our meter gives superior results despite these conditions. Though the FDA allows a 20% variance for test results, the Keto-Mojo meter outperforms the Federal Standards and the more modern ISO:15197 standard for Europe--all from 1 microliter of blood (that is 1/5th of a drop)! See the chart below for the accuracy range of the Keto-Mojo meter:

Accuracy Range:

The accuracy range for readings under 75 mg/dL are:

The accuracy range for readings over 75 mg/dL are:

100% within 15 mg/dL

100% within 20%

97% within 10 mg/dL

98% within 15 %

67% within 5 mg/dL

96% within 10 mg/dL

79% within 5 %

To better understand home glucose tests, see the following well-respected articles:

Factors Affecting Blood Glucose Monitoring: Sources of Errors in Measurement by Barry H. Ginsberg, M.D., Ph.D.

Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose Impact of a Time Delay Between Capillary Blood Sampling and Glucose Measurement by Guido Freckmann, MD, Stefan Pleus, MS, Annette Baumstark, PhD, Christina Schmid, PhD, Manuela Link, ME, and Cornelia Haug, MDI

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