The Importance of Coding the Keto-Mojo Meter to Your Vial of Keto-Mojo Ketone Testing Strips

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What's the importance of coding your meter?  

The code strip imparts the linearity of ketone enzymatic batch that was laid down as the reactive agent. 

If not properly coded there can be a great deal of variety in the numbers and they can not be trusted to be accurate.

"Lo" Can be caused by not coding your meter.  ( additional reasons for "Lo")

Ketone Strips Boxes will have a unique coding strips per box,  The coding strips will be found in the box with your vial of ketone strips 

Ketone strips with your meter, will have a unique coding strip and will be found in your black case with your meter.  

Q: When should I code my meter? 

A: Code your meter when you receive your meter to the strips that are included in your kit.   You will need to code your meter with this unique coding strip each time you receive a new set of strips.   

Q: Where will I find the coding strip?

A: Each kit includes one coding strips that will match the 10 ketone strips inside the black case.   Each box of ketone strips will have a coding strip in the bottom of the box of strips,  Note:  Please do not throw away your ketone box unless you have your coding strip.

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