How do I set up my Keto-Mojo meter?

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The best way to learn how to use your keto-mojo is to watch the videos here.

Before using your meter for the first time, you should check and update these settings.

Please refer to page 12 & 14 of your Keto-Mojo Manual
Entering the Setting Mode (a)- Open the back Panel. 
Start with the meter off (no test strip inserted). Press S. ( Small orange button on the back)

1. Setting the date-  this is very important to have the Date Current.
The sequence of the date setting is: YEAR → MONTH → DAY.   With the YEAR / MONTH / DAY flashing in sequence, press M  ( Large button on the front) until the correct year/month/day appears.  Press (S) to set the date.

2. Setting the time format-  Press M to select the desired time format --- 12h or 24h. Press S.

3. Setting the time-   With the HOUR / MINUTE flashing in sequence, press M until the correct hour/minute appears. Press S. 

4. Setting the unit of measurement-  Press M to switch between mg/dL and mmol/L. Press S.

5. Setting the buzzer-  With the buzzer displays, press M to switch between “On” and “OFF”.  Press S.

6. Deleting the memory -   With “dEL” and a “ ” on the display, press M and select “no” to keep the results in memory then Press S to skip.   To delete all the
results, press M and select “yes” to delete all the memory records. 

7. Setting the reminder alarm-  Your meter has four reminder alarms. The meter will display “OFF” and “AL1 ”. If you don’t want to set an alarm, Press S to skip this step;  Or press M to select “On”, then Press S.  With the minute flashing in sequence press M to select the correct hour/minute. Press S and go to the next alarm setting.

When the alarm beeps, press M to switch it off. Otherwise, it will beep for 2 minutes then switch off.

8. Setting the backlight-  The default setting for meter backlight ("BL") is set to ON. Press M to switch between “On” and “OFF”.Press S.


• These parameters can ONLY be changed in the setting mode.
• If the meter is idle for 3 minutes during the setting mode, it will switch off automatically.

If you are testing your Ketones use the coding chip that was included in your kit.  The number on the coding chip will match the number on Your vial of strips. 

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