How to use the Lancet Device

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How to use the Lancet Device

Prepare your sample site

Before you test your blood sugar, wash your hands and forearm (if applicable) thoroughly with warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry.

Step 1  Remove the white cap by twisting it to the right

Step 2  Insert a sterile Lancet into the Lancing Device 

 Insert the lancet into the holder and push in firmly. Twist the protective disk until it separates from the lancet and save the disk for later use. Do not twist the lancet. You may need to straighten the lancet manually. 

 Step 3 Replacing

Replace the white cap by snapping it back on to the left.   It may seem that it is won't snap.  This is normal,  just twist.  

Step 4  Adjust the depth setting

The Lancing Device has six puncture depth settings,  The smaller numbers are for a shallower puncture, and the larger numbers are for a deeper puncture.

Shallower punctures work for children and most adults. Deeper punctures work well for people with thick or callused skin. Twist the cap until the correct setting appears.

NOTE: A shallower puncture may be less painful. Try a shallower setting first and increase the depth until you find the one deep enough to get a blood sample of the proper size

Step 5  Prepare the Lancing Device

Pull the grey knob at the end of the device until it clicks. You will see an orange highlight in the button on the side of the of the lancet device. 

 Step 6  Puncture your finger

Hold the Lancing Device firmly against the side of your finger. Press the clear button on the side of the device ( with the orange glow)   Remove the Lancing Device from your finger.

Step 7 Get a round drop of blood

Gently squeeze or massage your fingertip until a round drop of blood appears on your fingertip.

If the blood smears or runs, do not use that sample. Dry the area and gently squeeze another drop of blood or puncture a new site.

Tips for getting better blood flow

Run your hand under warm water 

Circle your finger with the thumb and pointer finger of my other hand and squeeze the blood finger tight, cutting off circulation to that finger till the tip turns a little red.

Rub your finger  
Here's that video for you to watch 

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