Founder's Club

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What is the Founder's Club?
  • The Founder's Club was created to reward early supporters of Keto-Mojo. Anyone who purchased a meter kit from prior to 2/16/2019 was automatically made a member! We also included anyone who registered their meter for the lifetime warranty before 2/16/2019 and who purchased a Keto-Mojo kit from another authorized reseller like Amazon.
Founder's Club Membership Has Its Benefits!
  • Ketone strips at or below 99¢ each, for life!
  • ​Early access to new Keto-Mojo products
  • Meet and greets with the Keto-Mojo team during conferences around the country
  • Totally enviable new membership benefits we’ve yet to announce
Can I join Founder's Club?
  • The Founder's Club is closed, but we will have other loyalty clubs in the future.

Thank you, we're so very grateful to those who supported Keto-Mojo early on!

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