Are you FDA certified?

Updated 7 months ago by Chloe Kesler

The keto-mojo TD-4279 meter is an FDA approved class II medical device for the in vitro self testing of glucose and ketone levels and suitable for testing for Type 1, Type 2 and gestational Diabetes.

The keto-mojo meter is manufactured in FDA inspected and approved establishment that also conforms to  ISO:9001 manufacturing practices. The meter also conforms to ISO 15197:2013 standards

Keto-mojo TD-4279 FDA device listing number:D126843

Keto-Check, Inc FDA registration number: 10055466

Manufacturing facility FDA establishment registration number 3004145393

All our inventory is stored in an FDA registered warehouse in Los Angeles. Registration number 12631797414

Complete supply chain custody is maintained throughout assuring you of genuine quality products.


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