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The Bluetooth integrated Keto-Mojo meter has bluetooth built into the meter. You can transmit your data from the meter to your device via Bluetooth. The Keto-Mojo app is designed to assist you easily monitoring your blood glucose, and β-ketone levels.

How to Install and Update the Keto-Mojo app

You must connect to the internet to download the app. The APP Store or Google Play can be accessed by tapping the APP Store or Play Store icon on your iOS or Android devices.

It is simple and intuitive to use, for better understanding of your current condition and to achieve better glucose or β-ketone control.

System Requirement

For the requirement of OS version, please find on App Store or Google Play when you download the app. Please contact your local customer support or place of purchase for assistance. Please note that you must complete the pairing between meter and Bluetooth receiver before transmitting data.


To set your meter, you'll need to access the button located on the back of the meter, inside the area where you install the batteries. Your Keto-Mojo comes with batteries installed, so all you need to do to get started is open the back and follow the directions below. 


All of our meters come with the batteries installed, the date and time set for east coast time.  But it is very important that you check your settings to make sure they are set correctly for your area.   

In the directions below, the "S button," is the small orange button located right next to the batteries on the back of the meter.  You will use this button to set what is on the meter's screen display and advance to the next setting. 

 The large "M Button," located on the front of the meter just below the screen, will allow you to navigate through the options for each of the steps/settings below. 

  1. Start with the meter off (with no test strip inserted). Open the back of the meter where the batteries are located. Turn on the meter by pressing the small orange button, which is located next to the batteries. (We call this the "S" button.)
  2. Set the date; it's critical that your meter is set to the correct date.  If your meter is not in the current year, you will receive errors and waste test strips. 
    You will see the YEAR flashing first. To advance the year, press M (the large button on the front) until the correct year appears.  If you go past the current year, advance the meter past 2050, then it will start over at 2005.  Once you find the correct year, press S to set the year.
    Next MONTH will be flashing. To advance the month, press M until the correct month appears.  Press S to set the month.
    - Now, DAY is flashing.  To advance the Day press M to the correct day, then press S to set the month.
  3. Set the time format: You have two options for time format--12h or 24h.  Press M to select your desired time format, then press S to set it. 
  4. Set the time:  With the HOUR / MINUTE flashing in sequence, press M until the correct hour/minutes appear.  Press S to set the time.  
  5. Set the unit of measurement for glucose: Press M to switch between mg/dL or mmol/L;  then press S.  The standard in the U.S. and Germany is mg/dL and the standard in all other countries is mmol/L. This setting does not affect your ketone unit of measurement which will always be mmol/L.
  6. Set the buzzer: The buzzer alerts you that you've filled the strip channel with enough blood for the meter to conduct the test; its activation is optional.  Press M to switch between “On” and “Off," then press S to set it. 
  7. Delete the memory:   When you receive your new meter, it will not have any memory/records of your testing to delete. So, when  “dEL” appears on the display, press M and select “No," then Press S to skip. However, should you ever want to delete all your meter results, press M and select “yes." Note: each meter holds 1,000 readings. 
  8.  Set the reminder alarm:  Your meter has four reminder alarms, so you can set reminders for yourself four times per day. When programming a new meter, the reminder alarm will display “OFF” and “AL1.” If you don’t want to set an alarm, press S to skip this step;  If you do want to set alarms, press M to select “On,” then press S.  With the minute flashing in sequence press M to select the desired hour/minute you want the alarm to sound, then press S to set it and go to the next alarm setting. Note: once the alarm is set, it will beep when it goes off for 2 minutes unless you press M, which will switch it off. 
  9. Set the auto-send: (For Keto-Mojo APP) Press M to select the auto-send (“AS”) “On” or “OFF”. Press S to set. More Details
  10. Set the backlight: The default setting for the meter backlight ("BL") is set to On. If you want to set it to off, press M to select "Off," then press S

All of these parameters can ONLY be changed while the meter is in the setting mode; if the meter is idle for 3 minutes while in the setting mode, it will switch off.

While you're here, you might want to learn more about coding your meter to match your batch of testing strips. You can find out all about coding the meter right here. 

Bluetooth Meter Set-Up Video

Pairing with Your Mobile Device

1. With the meter off, push the Bluetooth switch for 3 seconds to turn Bluetooth on.

2. Follow the instruction of the Keto-Mojo app to pair the device.

3. After successfully pairing the app with the device, the Bluetooth function of meter shall be on before transmitting the data to the Keto-Mojo app.

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