Tips for Accuracy

Updated 1 month ago by Michelle Pool

Tips to help with accuracy.  

1. You need to wash your hands thoroughly before each test. Alcohol wipes as well. There are many things on your hands that can contaminate a test. Especially if you are using MCT oil or exogenous ketones, those will throw a test way off.

2. Once the alcohol is dry, wipe away the first drop of blood (not with the alcohol, but a fresh tissue or sterile swab) and test with the second drop.  The first drop will likely be diluted with the alcohol even if it's dry.

3. If you are doing multiple tests on one drop, we've found that once the blood starts to coagulate, the readings can shift.  Also, it isn't unusual for the tests to vary a little.  
For example, if one reading is 1.0 and the next is 1.2, that appears to be 20%, but actually, it could be much closer than that. The 1.0 could be from roughly 0.9 to 1.1 and the 1.2 could be roughly 1.3 or 1.0. So they are within tolerances.  

Also, keep in mind that when meters are tested for accuracy they are tested 100 times.  The accepted tolerance is determined from 100 tests, not 2, 3 or even 10. So if you are testing a number of times in a row, it isn't unusual to have a reading that is off when compared to the others.

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