Alternative Site Testing (AST)

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Alternative Site Testing (for β-Ketone Test)

In addition to using your fingertips, you can test on your palms.

Important: There are limitations with AST (Alternative Site Testing). Please consult your health care professional before you perform AST. Suggested Test Areas for the Hand

When to use AST?

Food, medication, illness, stress and exercise can affect ketone levels. Capillary blood at the fingertip reflects these changes faster than capillary blood at other sites. Thus, when testing ketone during or immediately after a meal, physical exercise, or any other event, take a blood sample from your finger only.

We strongly recommend that you perform AST ONLY at the following times:

  • In a pre-meal or fasting state (more than 2 hours since the last meal).
  • Two hours or more after taking insulin.
  • Two hours or more after exercise.

Do not use AST if:

  • You think your ketone are low.
  • Your AST results do not match the way you feel.
  • Your routine ketone results often fluctuate

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