Keto-Mojo TD-4279 Meter with Bluetooth Connector, App & Troubleshooting

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Bluetooth Connector

The Bluetooth connector easily converts your Keto-Mojo TD-4279 to a Bluetooth enabled device. It fits neatly into the meter’s strip port and will instantly download all of your readings from your meter to the free Keto-Mojo Classic app available for iOS 12 and Android (6 and above).

YOU MUST HAVE A KETO-MOJO METER MODEL TD-4279 TO USE THE BLUETOOTH CONNECTOR. Note: this model number is printed on the front of your meter.

Purchase a Bluetooth connector here.

The Keto-Mojo Classic App

A simple and seamless connection from your Keto-Mojo meter to the app requires no additional formatting or settings.

  • Review your data through filters in a variety of formats.
  • Toggle from glucose to ketones, check by date range, or scroll through past results.
  • Download your readings from the app with a csv file.

Available free for iOS (12 and above) and Android ( 6 and above).

System Requirements:

  • Compatible with iOS (12 and above)
  • Android (6 and above)
Settings on the KM Classic App

You will find in your settings the following information:

  1. Units
  • Blood Glucose Unit Select your choice- mg/dL or mmol/L
  • Date Format Select your choice- M/D/YY or D/M/YY
  1. Data
  • Last Upload - This is the date of your last upload
  • Log in - Our KM Classic does not require a log in.
  • Clear Data - This will clear all of your data off of the app.
  • Export CSV - This allows you to download a CSV file. You can email the CSV file to yourself.
  • Send Debug - This will email Keto-Mojo a file from your app to help with troubleshooting.

Note: We have temporally removed the upload feature from our KM Classic app to Heads Up. For more information regarding the removal click here,

Heads up is not required to use our app.

Read more about our app here.

Please Note: Before using the App you must have readings on your meter.


Download the Keto-Mojo App on Google play

iPhone iOS Troubleshooting

  1. Ensure you are running iOS version 12 or higher.

The Keto-Mojo app is supported on iOS 12 or higher. Please check to ensure you are running a supported version. 

You can check this in your iPhone settings:

  1. Ensure the Bluetooth is turned.

Please double check Bluetooth is enabled. Sometimes Bluetooth can become disabled when the iPhone enters/exits 'Do not disturb' mode or 'Airplane' mode.

  1. Have you inserted the correct adapter?

The Bluetooth adapter looks similar to the calibration strip that comes with the ketone test strips. Please ensure you have not mistakenly inserted the ketone calibration strip:

  1. 'Force-quit' the Keto-Mojo app

Many common issues can be fixed by performing a 'force-quit' on the Keto-Mojo app. This essentially reboots the app. To perform a force quit, simply double-tap the home button and then 'swipe up' to force quit.

See this article from Apple if you are unsure on the process.

  1. Reboot iPhone

If the 'force-quit' process above did not help, please restart your phone and try to sync again.

  1. Faulty Bluetooth connector

If you have inserted the Bluetooth connector into your meter and the blue light on the connector is not illuminating, you will see the message below. This may indicate a faulty Bluetooth connector. Please contact us at for support on this issue.

  1. Delete and re-install app

As a last resort you may need to delete the Keto-Mojo app. After deleting the app, restart your phone, download the latest version of the Keto-Mojo app and perform a sync. 

If none of the above resolve the issue, please contact us at

Android Troubleshooting

Depending on your Android device and operating system version you may experience issues. Please review the following troubleshooting steps and contact Keto-Mojo support if necessary.

  1. Ensure you are running the latest version of the Keto-Mojo app

Please download the latest version of the app from the Google Play store here before contacting support

  1. Ensure you are running Android version 6.0 or higher

  1. Ensure the Keto-Mojo app has the 'Location' permission enabled

The Keto-Mojo app needs this permission enabled in order to access Bluetooth on your device. Please verify the app has this permission:

  1. Force-quit the Keto-Mojo app

  1. Delete and re-install

During the beta program we will be publishing new releases regularly. It may be necessary to delete the app completely, download the latest build and re-sync your device.

For any other issues please contact the beta support team here.

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