How to Use the Control Solution for Testing for Glucose

Updated 1 month ago by Erika

Testing your Keto-Mojo meter for glucose testing accuracy is easy, provided you have purchased our control solution. Here's how:

1. Wipe clean the cap of the control solution and place a blob of solution on the top of the cap.

2. Instead of applying blood to the strip, apply the control solution.

3. Match the code on the control solution bottle with the control number on your strips (vial/bottle). The control solution bottle will either have a W2 or B3 code. Then compare that with the strip vial under control solution range. If your test-result numbers are in the stated range the control is reading, the meter is working correctly.

Video Demonstration

Expiration Date:

12- 18 Months when sealed. The expiration date is printed on the vial of the control solution.

90 days from when the control has been opened.

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