What does an E-C error on my Keto-Mojo meter mean and how can I fix it?

Updated 2 months ago by Erika

An E-C error means there's a potential problem with your Keto-Mojo meter. But don't worry--these easy steps should remedy the problem:

  1. Remove and reinstall the batteries.
  2. Ensure that year, date, and time are set correctly. (The year is especially  important).  (See a video on how to set the year, date, and time.) 
  3. Insert the code chip that came with your strips, then wait for "CH " to appear on the meter screen. (CH means the meter is checking itself). Wait until the chip code is displayed on the screen, then confirm that it matches the code on your vial. (See a how-to video for that here.) 
  4. Insert a fresh strip into your Keto-Mojo meter and wait while it checks and shows the code on the screen.
  5. Now, test with a blood sample. Everything should work properly. If you still continue to get the E-C error, please contact Customer Support.

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