Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Test for Ketones with the Keto-Mojo Meter

Updated 4 months ago by Erika

To test your ketone levels with a Keto-Mojo meter, follow these steps:

1. Insert a fresh unused Keto-Mojo ketone strip into your Keto-Mojo meter, then wait while it checks ("CH") until the meter shows the code that matches the number on the vial of strips and the droplet icon flashing.

2. Prick a freshly cleaned and dry area of your fingertip using the included lancing device, then ensure you get a blood droplet about half the size of a matchstick head.

You have 3 minutes to get a reading before the meter will shut off.

3. With the strip still in the meter, bring the droplet on your finger to the tip of the strip; on contact, it will pull in the blood via capillary action.(If you have your buzzer on, it will let you know when there is enough blood.)

4. Wait while the unit counts down, then gives you your result.

Want to see how it works? Watch a video of the process.

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