What is the HCT-Hematocrit reading and should I be concerned if my Keto-Mojo meter suggests mine is low?

Updated 2 months ago by Michelle Pool

Plainly put, no, you should not be concerned. But if you are, you should reference another testing source. Generally speaking, Hematocrit (HCT) is the volume percentage of red blood cells in blood. But for the Keto-Mojo meter, the HCT reading is used to ensure a more accurate blood glucose reading. It should not be used for the diagnosis of anemia or erythrocytosis.

It is common to see fluctuation in the readings due to the small blood-sample size, your level of hydration, and the elevation at which the test is taken.

Unlike meters designed to calculate HCT for diagnostic purposes, our meter uses the Hematocrit (HCT) number in order to get a more accurate reading of your blood glucose; by using this additional calculation, the meter achieves an industry-leading standard of accuracy. However, the HCT results may not be a true reflection of your HCT level.

If you are concerned about anemia or erythrocytosis or simply want a reliable HCT reading, you should find and take a test that's designed to provide you with HCT readings or consult with your physician.

For more detailed information on HCT, click here.

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