Ketone Strip Pricing

Updated 5 months ago by Sue Furdek

Ketone-strip pricing is at the heart of the Keto-Mojo story. Before we launched the business in September of 2017, ketone-strip pricing averaged $4 a strip and all the manufacturers were big pharmaceutical companies. It was our company mission to offer a more affordable way to measure ketones so more people could benefit from the ketogenic way of life. At $2 per strip, our suggested retail price was half of the average industry price. But we decided to launch our business with a promotional price of 99¢ per strip to our first customers, and offer this price to those customers for life. As you can imagine, our approach received a lot of endorsements and accolades. As our business has grown, the big competitors felt the pressure to reduce their pricing. Mission accomplished, although Keto-Mojo strip prices are still the lowest on the market and our commitment to the ketogenic community is long term.

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