What is the E-U error reading on my Keto-Mojo meter and how can I fix it?

Updated 2 months ago by Erika

An E-U error means that the meter thinks the strip it's measuring has already been used. Typically this just means the strip has blood placed on it before it was placed in the meter and thus reads the strip as used.  To avoid getting an E-U error, follow the following steps with a new strip:

  1. Prick your finger with a lancet device. 
  2. Place a fresh, unused ketone strip in your Keto-Mojo meter, then wait while it checks the strip (indicated by "CH" on the meter screen. When the meter is ready, it shows the code that matches the testing-strip vial and the droplet icon will flash. (With glucose strips, the meter shows just CH for checking then the droplet icon flashes.)
  3. With the strip still in the meter, bring the droplet on your finger to the tip of the strip. On contact, it will suck the blood in via capillary action. (You need a droplet about half the size of a matchstick head; if you don't t use enough blood, you will get an E-F error, which indicates you used too little blood.)
  4. Wait as the unit counts down and gives you your result.

Want more information? Here's a super quick video on the E-U error code:

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